Our Story

In 2008, we started in Zeeland, Michigan as Great Lakes Urban Restoration Network. Our goal at the time was to help our neighbors through practical, needed home improvement.

We quickly realized something was missing:

Our vision was too small.

So we shifted…

Instead of solving one problem through home renovation, we asked what could happen if we helped neighbors connect with each other? That could solve hundreds of problems.

In 2014, we made the shift to helping neighborhoods create the social connection needed to create belonging and action.

What started as a single neighborhood in Holland soon became a movement across West Michigan that has stretched all the way to central Florida.

In 2024, our name officially changed to CommunityWorks as we continue powering vibrant neighborhoods and cities all across the United States.

Meet Our Leadership

Eric Smith

Executive Director

Megan Ginn

Project Director

Jonna Johnson

Community Empowerment Coach

Stacie Hartwell


Nicole Cheeks

Data Specialist

Ken Genzink

Board Chair

Dave Veltkamp

Board Treasurer

Jay Van Groningen

Board Secretary

Brigit Hassig

Board Member

Ren Broekhuizen

Board Member Emeritus

Christian Schock

Board Member

Since 2008, we’ve helped dozens of communities reverse deep-rooted social issues one neighborhood at a time.

Our organizations are relatively small with limited resources. CommunityWorks helped us build capacity in meaningful ways as we worked on targeted projects. We see great value in our partnership with them and are hopeful for what's next.

Mark Kornelis
City of Holland | Holland, MI

CommunityWork has a deep knowledge of how to affect change at a local level. They use their knowledge and platform to empower local community leaders right where they live. We are more knowledgeable and empowered after working with them.

Jennifer Prophete
The Hopeful Neighborhood Project

Before CommunityWorks’ guidance, I had the resources I needed but struggled to fully grasp our residents’ needs and aspirations. Thanks to their support, I now have a better understanding of these aspects.

Danny Grant
Discovery Church | Orlando, FL

It's time for your community to own its story and create a better future for everyone.