Ken Genzink

Board Chair

Ken Genzink joined Great Lakes Urban in 2017 and has since become the Chairman of the Board. He is the owner and CEO of Code Blue Corporation. If you visit Code Blue, you will find a positive, healthy work culture. The reason? Ken practices a form of servant leadership that encourages each employee to collaboratively engage and achieve their best. Ken believes that listening to and engaging team members, along with providing the right structure and supportive framework leads to higher levels of achievement. And it is these concepts that attracted him to learn more about Asset Based Community Development and its potential to transform neighborhoods and cities across North America.

Ken’s business experience brings critical rigor and depth to Great Lakes Urban’s strategic planning and growth. His passion for creating the “one thing that positively affects 20 things” echoes his belief in the approach and potential power of people to take ownership and the power of Asset Based Community Development as an approach to accomplish that.

It's time for your community to own its story and create a better future for everyone.