For the past 16 years, Great Lakes Urban has seen communities in Michigan activated to own their story. From community gardens to mural festivals to neighborhood clean-ups, these communities are creating a better future for everyone.

But, over the past year, we’ve been asking, what about the rest of the country?

What if your community owned its future?

What if your neighbors realized their power to make a difference?

We want to help you activate your community’s potential for meaningful, lasting change, no matter where you are in the United States. We know you work hard to create a better future, and we want you to have the tools that can actually get you there.

So, starting today, Great Lakes Urban will now be CommunityWorks, an organization dedicated to inspiring and catalyzing community potential.

Over the next year we’ll roll out new opportunities and resources that create active and engaged neighborhoods across the United States, from practical tools to facilitated learning to project frameworks. We’ve already begun supporing strong, healthy communities in Florida, Texas, and Georgia.

Is your community next?

                                                           With Excitement,

Want to hear more and share your ideas? 

Join our Fireside Chat on June 10 at 12pm EST to be one of the first to hear about our new resources, share your ideas, and get started in creating a better future through strong neighborhoods. Hear directly from our leadership team about the exciting possibilities we are building and be directly entered into our giveaway. 

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